27 Jul

Mens A vs Brightwell

Well, we were thwarted by the good old British weather again this past Friday against Avondale. Someone told me it is our British summer, so what do you expect?!?

Anyway last night was a different story, but the weather was still not helping playing conditions. We arrived at the new Brightwell club with a force 5 gale blowing across all 5 courts. The match was played, with the same conditions for both sides, and we came away with a very good win, 7-2 – picking up what could be an incredibly valuable 14 points.

The rubbers have yet to be entered, but this will leave us on 84 points with two matches to play. We are 10 points behind Frimley with one game in-hand. Unfortunately, Frimley have Camberley B to play and they seem to have given up on this season. It will be a very close finish to Division 1.

Regarding our final two matches, one is confirmed away to Camberley A on Friday 7th August. Our final home game against Avondale is still to be re-arranged – ‘will keep you all posted on that.


14 Jul

Mens A vs Camberley A (rained off)

Unfortunately last night we were thwarted by the good ole British weather. We made a start and after 5 sets we trailed 3-2 then the misty rain descended, we considered continuing but the majority felt the courts were just too slippery.

Unsure what the outcome will be, either we’ll share the points on a pro-rata basis taking into account the end point 3-2 or it will be reorganised; I will confirm.

Thanx guys for last night, we definitely have 2 matches left, possibly still 3.

Very tight the league – it’s between us and Frimley.  They currently have 10 points more than we do. It’s still possible to close the gap but will be very close in the end.  They have a pretty tough run-in excepting Camberley B, who we have played twice.

I will confirm the line-up for Friday 24th July, our home game against Avondale A, in the coming days.


02 Jul

Club Championships – Final Call

Hi All,

The timetable for Sunday has been published so you can pick the events you’d like to see or pop down any time to see some great tennis.

10am-12 noon

Court 1: Vets Doubles

Court 2: Men’s Singles Plate

Court 3: Ladies Doubles Plate

12 noon – 2pm

Court 1: Mixed Doubles

Court 2: Mixed Doubles Plate

Court 3: free


Court 1: Men’s Singles

Court 2: Ladies Doubles

Court 3: Men’s Doubles Plate


Court 1: Ladies Singles

Court 2: Men’s Doubles

Court 3: Blind Date Doubles

We still need some more help, whether bringing down a cake or biscuits, umpiring or helping supply teas and coffees or cooking bacon or sausages.

Thank you to those who have already agreed to help, but we need a few willing bodies.

For the evening we are running a DIY barbeque, where you bring your own meat and a general salad or equivalent and we’ll supply some beer, wine and soft drinks.

I really hope to see you at the club at some point during the day, all is set fair for a great day of tennis entertainment.

Kind regards,


01 Jul

Mens A vs Rowledge

A close fought match last night against Rowledge on a very warm evening, we narrowly lost in the end  5-4, although picking-up 8 valuable points is not to be sniffed at.

There are 3 matches left to play: 2 away and 1 at home.  I do believe we can stay up but it is going to be super tight in the end.

Monday 13th July AWAY to CAMBERLEY A

Friday 24th July HOME to AVONDALE A

Monday 27th AWAY to BRIGHTWELL A

Our next match is away to Camberley A on Monday 13th July.  The line-up will be:-

Doug, Patrick, me, Jamie, Mr T. – the final player to be confirmed

NOTE:  At our last home match on Friday 24th July, we plan to have a couple cold ones after the match and reflect on the season, reminisce, etc.  I hope as many of you can make it as possible !!