22 Sep

New Format Singles Box League

Entry is open to ALL adult members.
Everyone has a chance of winning because coming top of the bottom division scores the same points and gets the same prize as coming top of division 1.
There will be promotion and relegation after each round.
There will be £3 entry fee per player per round to fund the prizes for each division winner and the overall winner.
Entry fees should be placed in an envelope with entrant’s name on it in the new post box at knee height next to the clubhouse main entrance door.
Matches will be 15 games (all played). Each player should play against all others in their division.
Closing date for entry to round 1 is Wed 25th Sep. The divisions will be e-mailed to entrants and posted on the club noticeboard above the new post box shortly after this date.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Macdonald Smith on msmith@priorsfieldschool.com.