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Scott Tunbridge | Elstead Village Tennis Club | Page 2
18 May

Open Day success

I wanted  to let everyone know what an unqualified success  our Open Day was on Saturday at the club (with our gratitude for the amazing weather).

In terms of preparation Ollie, Barbara and Lorna put in a lot of time and effort to ensure we maximised the publicity in the local area with yours truly customising the LTA posters for our own benefit, with the addition of the banners (thanks to Rupert and the cricket club for the use of their fences) the word certainly reached a large number of local people.

The next key area was the day itself and we had fantastic support from many members who baked cakes, scones, brownies and other delicious offerings for our guests and a good number came down to help meet, greet, serve cake, tea, coffee and juice over the 4 hours of the event.

The result was a fantastic day to introduce tennis and our club to over 80 people (with more parents watching their kids have fun). Hopefully this will result in a whole new group of new members of all ages enjoying our facilities going forward with the requisite boost to our membership.

An abiding memory was watching Ollie being bombarded with tennis balls by very small people, in what I assume was an exercise in coordination in picking up and throwing which seemed to be very successful. The 4-6 year olds seemed to thoroughly enjoy the process and the red smiling faces that came in to have orange juice and cake showed the great time they had and I would guess making the parents evenings all the better for the bedtime operation.

Loads of people to thank and so as not to miss anyone out on behalf of the club thanks for helping the day go so well and I hope all enjoyed giving such great pleasure to everyone who came down to the club.

17 May

Cricket match

A quick mention for the local cricket match that took place on Sunday between the tennis club and Elstead cricket club. The result was a politically correct win for the cricket club by 5 wickets though the match was probably closer than the score suggests with a couple of our team playing cricket for the first time and our ‘ringers’ Sam and Ollie falling in the first couple of overs to a magnificent catch in a million and a huge yahoo. A stabilising partnership from Shaun and Scott and a large number of wides from Elstead brought a degree of respectability to the score but it was probably 40 runs short of what was needed to win.

The game was very entertaining, played in a great spirit and our thanks to Rupert for his organisation and the cricket club for its hospitality. it is definitely something that we will make an annual fixture going forward, to add to our annual golf day. If anyone has any similar initiatives they would like to introduce let me know and we’ll back you all the way.