Junior Coaching

Courses are run every day after school and on Saturday mornings for children of all ages, including the extensive Mini tennis accredited programme EVTCprogrammeAUTUMN21V2.

Over 200 children are coached regularly by our team of coaches with many more joining in during the holidays. The club caters for junior players from 3 to 18, as well as adults.  All standards are welcome from complete beginners to experienced match players. We give quality coaching, small groups size (1:6 coach to pupil ratio) and a fantastic friendly learning environment.

Children over the age of 5 must join the club as a junior member to take part in our coaching programme.  It’s £30 annually for children 5-12 and £45 for 12-18-year-olds.    Your children can enjoy the following benefits:

  • FREE FUN DAYS (at least 1.5 hrs every term) where the juniors have the chance to play with other EVTC junior members within the same age group to develop the social part of their game
  • 10% discount on EVTC Easter and summer holiday courses
  • The opportunity to book courts any time of the year through the EVTC website
  • The option to participate in the AEGON LTA club teams’ competition representing EVTC
  • The opportunity to play friendly matches against other tennis clubs
  • Opt into the Wimbledon ballot
  • Discount in racquets and accessories as EVTC is sponsored by HEAD

Any child having individual coaching must be a member of the club. Parents planning to play with their children before or after their lesson naturally need to become adult members.

Mini Tennis
Elstead Tennis Club is an accredited mini tennis club. This means that the LTA approve of our mini-tennis programme, and we have reached all the standards required. At Elstead, we have a mini-tennis red court just for the younger age group.

What is Mini-Tennis?
Mini-Tennis takes into account the fact that tennis rackets and a full-sized tennis court are too big for young players and regular tennis balls bounce too high and fast for small children. Mini-Tennis is the first stage of the tennis pathway in which children (aged 4-10) gradually progress through the Red, Orange and Green stages according to ability.  In the process, the court size, racket length, ball speed and the length of games all increase until the player is ready to move onto the full game.

Mini-Tennis Red
The children are introduced to the basics of the game. They start developing the core skills of movement and coordination, take part in lots of fun activities and play short matches and team competitions.

Mini-Tennis Orange
Children learn new shots and techniques to help them rally on a bigger court. The competition includes slightly longer matches, mostly in a team environment.

Mini-Tennis Green
The final stage in preparing for full tennis, children will be bigger and able to cover the whole court. They will further improve their technique and tactics, as well as fundamental athletic skills. Matches are longer, again still mostly in a team environment.

Club Programme
This programme is designed for players from 11 – 18 who are playing full-court tennis, and some match play. Most of the players have the opportunity to play in the many teams at Elstead, with the older players graduating to the adult teams.  A junior club night with a coach is held on Friday evenings 630-800pm. Cost £3.

Club, Mini-Tennis and Individual coaching enquiries – Head Coach – George Munoz
Weather Cancellation Number: 07539 045371